The January 1941 issue of Beacon Lights had this word to say to the parents.

“We need your support in this new undertaking. Not your financial support; in fact, we prefer that young people find ways and means to take care of their own financial obligations as much as possible and that they thereby develop a sense of responsibility. They will appreciate this paper for more if they realize that it has cost them some sacrifice. But we do nee youi moral support and your prayers. You can cooperate by maintaining an interest yourself and by fanning the flames of youthful enthusiasm. Discuss the contents with your children; remind them, if need be, to read and make use of it in their preparation for the society; give it your wholehearted support.”

Parents, this still holds true today.

To the young People the following admonition from the February 1941 issue of Beacon Lights.

“…the success of this magazine depends as much on you as on anyone else. Make it your own. Read it to appreciate it; be free to offer suggestions for its improvement; urge others to read it.”

This also still holds true today. Young People read Beacon Lights and promote it in whatever way that you can.

Beacon Lights purposes to guide you on your course toward your goal. As an airplane pilot wings his way unhesitant on his course by the sweeping rays of his beacon lights, so this paper designs to guide you on your way through this world of sin and darkness, that you may ever hold your course and unswervingly strive for your goal.
Rev. C. Hanko
Beacon Lights, Vol 1 No 1