Editor Resigns

Dave Engelsma — His name is well known in our circles — has resigned as editor of Beacon Lights and the Staff, who has long enjoyed his companionship and trust, wishes to remember him with a few well-deserved words of appreciation.

As our editor, Dave gave of his time, talent, energy and effort to make Beacon Lights the stimulating paper that it is today. It was his goal to improve the subject matter and increase the caliber of the articles in Beacon Lights and his aims have been successfully achieved primarily because of his own writing ability which has produced such articles as Philip Melanchthon in Three Parts, Ahead with Confidence, The Pope is Still Proud, The Weight of Glory, and many, many more. These articles, master pieces of literature in regard to style, contents, and grammar, are also in scope and conviction truly Reformed.
His standards were high and our Beacon Lights is a living witness of the results of such standards.

Dave is presently breaking in the newest member of the Staff, Robert Decker, who will take over Dave’s place as editor.

The Staff welcomes Mr. Decker as it bids farewell to Mr. Engelsma. May the Lord continue to bless Beacon Lights with such talented men.