Do You See God in Everyday Life?

Where can you see God? Everywhere! God reveals Himself to his people in his word and in creation. Can you guess how he reveals himself or teaches us lessons about himself in pelicans and mosquitoes? How about bats? What does God teach you through your goldfish? Lets take a look at these creatures and find out.

Most of us have never seen a pelican, yet it is a symbol of the church. The pelican will sit on her nest and shelter her young beneath her wing night and day to protect them from enemies who would attack the small babies and the harsh weather. And when for several days she can’t find food for her young, to keep them from starving she will pierce her breast with her beak and feed her babies with her own blood. She doesn’t kill herself; she buys more time to find food.

God shelters us under his protective wings and won’t let Satan and his minions take us away and Christ feeds us with his own body and blood.

Eeew! Yuck! Mosquitoes! They’re everywhere! They swarm all around trying to suck your blood. They hunger for blood. Christians hunger for Christ’s blood. It is by his blood that we are saved. We have to go to him all the time and drink of that blood to be reminded of the payment that was paid for us.

Bats can’t see where they go. That doesn’t stop them from going out and finding food to live. God provides for them. He gave them echo-location so that they can fly and not crash. Also they can use the echo-location to find food. Christian sometimes get caught up on the fact that they can’t see where they are going in life. But God provides for them too. He gives us his word to follow which guides us and nourishes our hungry souls.

What about your goldfish? When it is healthy, it radiates color like gold or sunshine. Just by looking at one you are reminded of something greater, more valuable. When the fish gets fed too much or not enough it loses its luster. The Christian gets its light from Christ. He reflects God’s glory which is far greater and more valuable than any thing found in this world, even gold and the sun. But a Christian can become too comfortable in this world and weak spiritually. Then the light he shows turns dull and people have a hard time seeing Christ in the man. But even if the goldfish isn’t gold, even if it doesn’t shine at all, it is still a goldfish. A Christian, a real Christian, can never stop being a Christian.

God reveals himself everywhere and in everything. Think about it and talk it over with your parents. How is God reflected in lightning bugs? Grasshoppers, flowers and mice? Can you think of a few things? Wonderful! Remember God is a great and wise God who holds the sparrow in His hand and clothes the lily of the valley. How much more will he care for you.