Do You Know Your Bible?

More copies of the Bible are sold every year than any other book. For this to be true, every home can have at least one Bible in it. Although many homes don’t have Bibles many which do not always use them. The Bible is quoted and misquoted more than any other book in the world. More people have studied and learned the Bible than any other book. Our whole purpose in life is written in the Bible, yet how well do you know your Bible?

In the homes in which we are brought up, table devotions are a normal way of life. We have had many years of Sunday School, catechism, church services twice every Sunday. Bible teachers in school and society-yet how well is the Bible really learned? We often forget that our Bible is our armor and guide in life. How much stronger armor we could have if we would follow in reading at the table! Each member of the family could take turns reading a verse. When you leave the table you would remember what was just read. If we used our personal Bibles for church services and society we could mark texts that were important for easy reference later. On Sunday take your own Bible to church and follow the sermon in it. When church is finished, mark the text with your bulletin. Later study the text again. You will find your armor is strengthened daily with study. What good is an empty armor?

For young people age seems a slow process. As you grow older you will find time seems to fly by. I have the privilege of working with the aged. People are deaf in many cases and some are blind. These people sit in a chair all day with nothing to do. They love to talk of days gone by and memories go to the family and God’s grace to them through the years. Because of these problems of seeing and hearing, they find comfort in scriptures they learned when they were younger. Devo­tions are spoken out loud from memory. When I hear these devotions that are filled with meaning and comfort, I feel I know so little. I begin to wonder: how well do I really know my Bible? Will I be prepared when I don’t have a Bible to page through?

As you go back to school to learn, facts that astound the world, try to remember what you know of the book you hold dear. How well do you know the Bible?