Definition of “Christmas”

Who needs a definition of Christmas? Even young children know that Christmas is the day we celebrate the birth of Christ. One only needs to look “Christmas” up in the dictionary to find that much of a definition. But certainly there is more to Christmas! Can’t we find a fuller definition?

The world around us obviously has its own definition of Christmas – with its Santa Claus and glittering lights, tinsel and profit making. But that is not our Christmas! The shallow Christmas of the world takes us far from the true meaning of Christmas!

Let us go back to the origin of the word “Christmas” to rediscover that true meaning. “Christmas” comes from the early English phrase “Christes Masse”, which means “Christ’s Mass”, and Mass is the commemoration of Christ’s sacrifice on Calvary. Thus, within the very word “Christmas”, we find not only the birth of Jesus. But also His death and resurrection – the fulfillment of God’s Promise – our: Salvation! Herein must we celebrate Christmas! In praise and thanksgiving to God for delivering unto us His only begotten Son! This Son, Christ Jesus, who became flesh that He might atone for our sins. For we, Christ’s elect, are justified on the basis of His shed blood.

Christmus! Truly it is an occasion for great rejoicing! And lest we forget the meaning of Christmas. We need only think upon the word “Christmas” and its origin. Then, secure in the knowledge of what Christmas means to us – let our hearts overflow with the wonder of it all!