Dear Monica Ruth

Dear Monica Ruth,

Early this afternoon, your father and I were still unaware that you would be born yet today.  We thought your father could easily meet all his goals for today: copy his secretary’s minutes for school board; treat a group of feeder pigs with flu shots; spend an hour hunting with your oldest brother Daryl; eat supper with the family; do farm chores; shower and attend a school board meeting.

By 2:00 this afternoon, I had my first contraction and began to wonder if our heavenly Father was going to affect those plans of your earthly father.  By 3:00 I had finished sorting socks and had made a noodle hot dish for the family and was becoming sure that the contractions were for real.  By 4:00 I had taken a shower, dressed and crawled into bed while your earthly father ate a hasty supper and I became positive the contractions were for real, only five minutes apart.  By 5:00 your earthly father and I had rushed to the doctor’s office and then to the hospital with the doctor following closely behind us.  By 6:45 your earthly father had returned home, made necessary calls, organized your brothers and sisters, done his farm chores, showered and shaved, and was back in the hospital by my side.  By 7:09 on the hospital clocks, your heavenly Father had brought you into this world.

The hospital reported these facts about you:

1. Birth: 12-6-88 at 7:09 P.M. CST.

2. Weight: 10 pounds 2 ounces.

3. Length: 22 inches.

4. Apgar score: 9 (you were a little blue at first).

5. Sex: female.

6. Siblings: two sisters and four brothers.

7. Blood type: O Positive.

Your father and I added these facts:

8. Ten perfect fingers and ten perfect toes.

9. Eyes squeezed shut to hide their blue color.

10. Beautiful dark and long hair.  Beautiful reddish complexion.  Beautiful button nose.  Beautiful tiny lips.  Beautiful rounded cheeks and arms and legs.

11. Hungry and letting us know about it!

12. Name: Monica Ruth

            Your name, Monica Ruth, was chosen in love by your father and me, based on two criteria.  We always make sure that we like the SOUND of the names we choose but also that we like what they MEAN.  We want names for our children that have spiritual significance so that you can be proud of your name in every right way.  Do you know what your name means to us?

“Monica” has three meanings in our two namebooks.  (1) “Moon-like.” That meaning is okay if you think of the moon as a reflection of the light of the sun just as Christians are to reflect the Light of the Sun of the World, the Son of God.  (2) “Solidarity.” If you stand solidly on the Rock, Christ and His Word, then this name is appropriate, too.  “Solidarity” suggests a union of many people based on a common ground.  If this group of people is God’s people and if the basis for their union is Christ and His Word – our Solid Rock – then this becomes a beautiful name.  (3) “An Advisor.” All people are advisors, although many fail to realize it.  As long as you give Biblical advice which you first follow yourself, this name is all right, too.  (4) But when we chose your name, we were thinking of a fourth meaning for the name.  To us, Monica is the godly mother of Augustine.  She had flaws but she had one great and outstanding virtue: she was a mother of prayer, of tearful and persevering prayer, who pursued her wayward and sinning son until God used her tears and prayers to draw her errant son back to God and to great service for God.  To us, your name means: “woman of persevering prayer.”

Your middle name was also chosen according to the familiar woman it recalls.  “Ruth” means either “merciful” or “friendly.” It reminds us of Naomi’s kind and faithful daughter-in-law, drawn by God out of heathendom into Israel to become one of the great-grandmothers of Christ.  For us, the name means:  “By grace, a woman of faithfulness.”

Dear Monica Ruth, your names represent our hearts’ desire for your character.  May God mold you to grow up to be within His Church a faithful, kind and friendly woman, a woman of prayer and perseverance.

Your name represents the prayer of every Christian parent for every Christian daughter!

Good-night, Monica Ruth!

Sleep tight!


With love,

Dad and Mom