Dear Editor

Dear Editor,

I have just finished reading the January 2012 issue of Beacon Lights
and found it another good read of seriously Reformed material – and
most informative. So much so, that with the latest article of the
series “Our Children’s Education”, by Aaron Lim, of the CERC, and the
beautifully crafted and Biblical poem from Rev Harbach (written in
1988) my heart is so uplifted that I can do no less than send this
email to thank you and the Fed.Board, as well as give thanks to God,
for the ongoing witness that this magazine is and has always been.

After reading it for some 30 years it still is an exceptional and
unique publication. I am now sharing it with a couple families in our
own congregation (The Reformed Church of Dovedale).

To God be the Glory!

(Mrs) Dilys Watson.