Dear Beacon Lights Editor

Dear Beacon Lights Editor,

Thank you for publishing the article by Chelsea Kamps, entitled “Life is Hard, but God is Good,” in the February 2012 issue. While mental disorders, including depression, anxiety, and many others are hard to understand for some people, they are very real to others. God uses these trials in our lives to strengthen our faith, and makes us completely trust and depend on him for all things.

As Chelsea mentions, it is difficult to suffer from a mental illness as a Christian because we believe and confess that the providence of God is always for our good. However, the devil so often brings us the lie and makes us want to walk farther and farther from God. It is when we realize the truth of God’s faithfulness, promises, and grace that we can reject the lie.

I hope that Chelsea’s article helps young people and young adults who feel ashamed or scorned by their mental illness. This is a serious thing that can’t be taken lightly. It may get easier over time with the help of medication or therapy, but it may never completely be taken away. We may pray as Paul did for the thorn to be removed, but also must learn that his grace is sufficient if the thorn remains.

Personally suffering through a mental disorder has strengthened my prayer life, increased my faith, and made me thankful for those whom God has placed in my life to support me through it. This is my desire for all those who suffer such a sickness. We can rely on our heavenly Father because he will always see us through.

In Christ,
Brianna Brands