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De Kleine Kerk of Steenwijk

In 1477 De Kleine Kerk (the small church) then called the Onze Lieve Vrouwe Kerk (Our Dear Lady Church) was built in Steenwijk—a nice town in the Dutch province of Overijsel, which is 75 percent Christian. In 1300, before the church was built, there had been a Maria kapel (Maria chapel) at this place, probably built by Roman monks. It was made of wood and it burnt down during fights with invading armies. Some parts of the high protecting walls of the town are still preserved. De Kleine Kerk is owned and fully restored by the Liberated Reformed Churches of The Netherlands. It is officially registered as a “pseudo basilica” because it has aisles. You see a photo of the tower, which contains two original bronze bells. The photo was made before the restoration started. The bells were made by Geert van Wou in Kampen in 1501.

Inside the church is a pulpit, made in 1640, carved out of oak, against the brick wall. There is also a fine organ, restored by the firm Bakker & Timmenga of Leeuwarden. It was placed into use again on September 14, 2002.