Daniel 3

Hope to be a Hananiah. Mimic the mind of Mishael.
Aspire to be an Azariah. Dare to be a Daniel.

The first three, the friends of Daniel, were
High in the palace of Nebuchadnezzar;
But when they refused to bow down to his idol,
He threatened to take away from each his title.
But when he gave them another chance,
The three refused to bow and dance.
When the music played and all others bowed,
Only those three stood among the crowd.
And since they did not go along with the world,
Into the hot furnace they were hurled.
‘Twas seven times hotter at the king’s decree—
It burned up the men that cast in the young three.
Astonished, the king of his men did inquire
“Did not we cast three men bound into this fire?”
For he had seen men walking loose in the flame
And no sign of hurt to their bodies came.
But it wasn’t three men that he saw—it was four!
So Nebuchadnezzar came near to the door;
The fourth walking man was not of the norm
But had the glorious Son of God’s form.
And all of the men of the king’s grand palace
Saw that the fire lacked power and malice.
The heads of the young men had not one singed hair,
Fire didn’t change the coats they did wear,
The smell of fire and smell of smoke
Had not passed into the threads of the cloak.
So Nebuchadnezzar blessed the God of Shadrach,
Of Abednego, and of Meshach,
Who sent His angel to save each servant
That trusted in Him, and prayed in fervent,
Who the king’s words disobeyed,
Yielded their bodies, a decision made,
Not to worship or serve or give laud
To anyone but their own God.
And if something against this God is said,
He’ll kill that ill-speaker and cut off his head,
He’ll make their nice house into a dunghill,
For no other God delivers by His will.
And so, this must needs be well-noted,
That the king of Babylon promoted
The three friends named Shadrach,
Abednego, and Meshach.