Current Events

In the paper Operation Understanding, a Catholic weekly, there is an article entitled “God’s Lonely Ones.” The main point of the article is as follows.  Divorced Catholics are especially lonely because they have known the joys of marriage but have decided against remarriage because of their dedication to God’s way.  The idea behind this article is basically okay, but I think the writer started to write a bit too late.  No such problem of loneliness would arise if a church member stays in his own denomination. Whether Catholic or Protestant, this problem would not have arisen if he had thought of his dedication to God before he considered marrying someone of another faith.

We as Protestant Reformed young people should also think seriously about this subject. Not considering it from a divorcee’s view point but as Christian young people.  Marriage is a lasting thing and may not be broken.  Consider then the dangers and sorrow you could meet if you have not taken this matter to God in prayer but marry someone of a different faith.  This matter cannot be stressed too much.  God and His example of Christ as the groom and the church as the bride must lead you on, not your emotions.


Flash headline, “Polled Clergymen against China in the U.N.” Out of thirty thousand ministers replying to a questionnaire given them, seventy-three per cent of them are against Red China entering the United Nations! So what? What duty is it of the church to bury its nose in the affairs of the state? It is the calling of the church to preach the Word and that only.  Once the church busies itself with other than church matters it soon loses its true meaning and becomes a hollow structure with nothing but faith echoes ringing through it.