Current Comments

This issue is especially for servicemen.  Events seem to be shaping in such a way that such issues labeled “for servicemen” will be more in demand than at present.  Though this month’s Beacon Lights is directed to servicemen who are at present in the service, it seeks also to interest ex-servicemen—and so we can say it is of interest to all of us.  Potentially we are all in the service.

Important news items of this month will have interest in June and for some time to come.  For these days it is increasingly evident that God’s hand moves all things with great rapidity to accomplish His one purpose—the coming of His kingdom.  In former days a long period intervened between the harbinger of a great event and its final appearance upon the stage of history.  Today we not only see important change taking place, but we see that there is a definite resemblance to the prophetic utterances of the Word of God.

It ought to be of interest to all of us who shall be witnesses of these happenings to even now make comparisons between current events and the general prophetic character of Revelation.  Especially while we have our time for calm reflection ought we to inquire into the meaning of future catastrophes.  Of course, it should not be our error to make foolish detailed predictions.  But if we carefully examine Scripture, interpret it correctly, and compare with the trend of affairs, we profit in two ways.  We understand, in the first place, the Word of God as we see it tested in the laboratory of human living affairs; and secondly, current events become the works of God—signs of times instead of catastrophes.

At this writing especially the following occupies my attention:

First there has been a meeting in The Hague of six hundred leading individuals and statesmen, including the greatest living statesman who was also the main speaker, Winston Churchill.  The nations of Europe met, calling themselves a Congress of Europe, in order to lay plans for a United States of Europe.  Without a doubt an effort of this kind will receive participation and support by the United States at some time, in some way.  It draws our attention to the real possibility of a strong “western power.”

Another item is the headline of today’s paper:  Jewish State of Israel Has Been Organized.  This is supported by the earnest pleas for further aid by the American Christian Palestine Committee.  Harold Ickes goes farther and answers a telegram of two Christian ministers, by writing in defense of lifting the arms embargo to the state of Israel.  This shows the feeling of leaders and it indicates that if it were not for the oil in the Arab territory and consequently the necessity of pacifying the Arabs, our country would back Israel as Britain promised to do in by-gone days.

What has this to do with our dreaded but inevitable relations with Russia?

  1. We can see that there is need to study the pattern of history as it is given in Revelation, which makes clear that the final war is a battle between East and West.

2.  For the first indication of that fact, turns to Revelation 9. There we read of the locusts of the fifth trumpet and the triple monster unloosed by the four creatures of the River Euphrates of the sixth trumpet. The locusts are the evil spirits set loose by Satan to influence men, to cause them to become beasts with perverted passions in every respect.  A picture of that fifth trumpet was shown us in pre-war Germany with its insane philosophy and perversity spurred on by the pretentious aims of their science and philosophy as directed by human genius.  That will certainly be repeated on a greater scale.  We must be prepared for the breakdown of morality and ethics on a large scale among the so-called civilized and Christian nations—an adultery and idolatry that far surpasses that of the Israel of old.  Servicemen are acquainted with the perversity of human nature by personal contact.  We all are aware of it and can be warned not only by Scripture, but also as it shows itself in modern literature and scientific literature on the behavior of human beings, which causes the majority to believe the delusion that their depravity and shame is highly standard and normal, a matter of pride.  This results in a great breakdown of political and religious standards which were governed in a measure by the “works of the law of God” (Rom. 2).  This prepares the way for God’s final judgment of the monsters set loose upon the powers of the east and west.  I think the pattern of Revelation can again be seen more clearly now than since the time of the last struggle in Europe.