Disorderly Conduct

Disorderly Conduct

Among the youth. There is disorderly conduct among all members and classes of our society. There is public unashamed indecency and crime. But this time we are concerned about the conduct of youth. There is especially the problem of the youth in our L. A. area. It is discerned in public in many ways. Not only the indecent dress and the vain actions of the youth. There are the immoral conduct and indecent scenes that are becoming the common filth of our society, here at least and undoubtedly in other parts of our country. And our newspapers “play up” the subject.

This is not something to which we can close our eyes. The ones who are engaged in training the youth have had the problem for a long time and finally have asked for a meeting of the Christian leaders of the community to present their problems, to seek for advice and to seek for their cooperation to combat this evil.

The church lives in the world and there is always a measure of imitation among the church youth of the world. Parents and educators must be on the alert for the dangers and must not take everything for granted. The infection is deeper into the life of the church youth than is imagined.

We can see how the future generation of the world is going to more ungodly than the present generation. They resort to narcotics to stimulate them into their ungodly living. Beasts they are and through the judgments of God it becomes more manifest that the world is ripening itself for the final judgment.

Especially in the church the demands of the God’s Word must be clearly and thoroughly preached. The parents must bring the precepts of Christian living to the youth. And a Paul then exhorts the children, “Children, obey your parents.”

So only can there ever be a “solution” to the problem that faces the church world today. The preaching of the Word is the only means. This preaching must be followed up with Christian discipline.


Report by Adlai Stevenson

Those who have enjoyed the mind and diction of the defeated presidential candidate and his graciousness in the recent campaign will want to read his report of his round-the-world trip.

His report appears in the magazine Look. This does not mean that I recommend the magazine itself, but it does mean that the articles appearing in the magazine are worthwhile for a student of world history.

These articles are written in a most pleasant style, easy to follow not only but enjoyable reading material. Besides they contain very reveling insights into the political and economic situations of the Asiatic countries.



Time magazine reports startling accomplishments, some of which we read with skepticism, of medicine. In the recent issue they reported an operation of transplanting a gland. After this operation upon a woman, we read their report, “Ten days later, and again four months, tests with a tiny dose of radioactive iodine and a Geiger counter showed that the oddly placed thyroid was functioning. Irma Miller has needed no more thyroid extract or calcium injections. She is going to be married and Dr. Sterling is going to give the bride away.”

Upon reading this I was impressed with the pride that is taken in the accomplishments of science. They make a time of it when the operation is first successful. We should wait and see the final results of the “machinations” of science. At least the result upon the men of the world is not such that they praise the Maker and Ruler in humility. Men are blinded to the real failures of mankind to lead men to the truth. To the believer in the Word of God, with its sober judgment of the work of men, this praise of science is repulsive.