Creation vs. Evolution Handbook

The Creation vs. Evolution Handbook
By Thomas F. Heinze, Bake Book House,
Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1970; 79 pages,
Paperback, $1.50.

Mr. Heinze is a missionary in Italy for the Conservative Baptist Foreign Mission Society and formerly taught subjects related to the field of Science and Religion.
As the title indicates the book is only a handbook or guide for use by those not trained in the biological sciences. Of necessity then it does not consider all the ramifications of the theory of evolution nor does it give complex refutations against all the so called “proofs” of evolution. Even at times it appears to me that the author’s arguments are too weak to represent good scientific investigation.
The author’s purpose simply stated is to show that the observations made by scientists do not contradict the word of God as presented in the Bible. Within the limitations mentioned above, I believe that this objective is realized; and therefore, recommend this volume to all who with further information concerning this topic.

Originally Published in:
Vol. 31 No. 2 April 1971