Convention Transportation Preview

To no other Convention, which I can remember, has so much attention and enthusiasm been given, than to the Protestant Reformed Young Peoples Convention to be held this summer. The variety of activities sponsored by the young people to earn money which will aid in the expenses of the Convention reveals this great enthusiasm. The main reason for this vast amount of excitement is undoubtedly the fact that the Convention will be held in Redlands, California. This fact offers many valuable opportunities to all Protestant Reformed young people. The opportunity to visit and become friends with our congregation in Redlands, to travel the expanse of our nation, to see the surf of the Pacific Ocean and to spend a week in sunny California. And besides these, we also have all the other privileges which come along with any Convention, i.e., the meeting of new friends, the spiritual edification, the fun and the Christian fellowship. And all this is for the very nominal fee of $120.00 per person. This amount is indeed nominal after all has been taken into consideration.
Those who intend to use the travel arrangements supplied by the Federation Board will follow the tentative plan given below. On Wednesday morning, August 13, at 6:30 AM, two chaperons and three speakers and about 110 young people from the Grand Rapids area will leave by car for the O’Hara International Airport in Chicago, Illinois. Investigations into bus rates with the North Star Bus Lines reveal that the cost would be a little over $18.00 per person. This the Board feels is too high considering how much it would cost to travel by car. Some parents have revealed their willingness to transport the Conventioneers to O’Hara. The cars will leave at this hour of the morning because we have to be in O’Hara at 10:00 AM at the American Airlines booth.
Those who are willing should contact the undersigned as soon as possible. The young people who have cars should also contact him. Cars will also be needed for the return trip on Wednesday, August 20. Therefore we will need more volunteers to return the young people. From the way it looks at the time of this writing between 20 and 25 cars are needed. The cost incurred by the parents who volunteer their services will be the obligation of those young people who participate.
At O’Hara airport they will meet 14 young people from the Chicago area. At 11:00 AM a Boeing 707 will rise gently into the air and head westward. After 31/2 hours flying time they will arrive in Ontario, California, which is located about 30 miles west of Redlands, at 12:30 PM. Meals will be provided on the plane and the cost is included in the travel expense. Buses will take them to Redlands from Ontario for about $1.00 per person. This same mode of transportation will be provided for the young people on the return trip.
Because those who miss the plane will miss the Convention, the cars will meet along the way to Chicago for checking purposes. Also, since there is no time-change between Grand Rapids and Chicago at this time of the year, 31/2 hours will be allowed to make this trip. However, 31/2 hours is not really very long considering the traffic rush which will undoubtedly be incurred in Chicago.
For the latest information or if you have any questions concerning anything pertaining to the Convention call the undersigned at 669-6547 or write him at 3711 Hillcrest, Hudsonville, Michigan 49426.
Before I close, I would like to say that there is room on the plane for five more young people. First come, first served. Please contact the undersigned as soon as possible. Also, a meeting will be held July 19, at which time the balance of the plane ticket will be due.

Originally Published in:
Vol. 29 No. 3 May 1969