Convention Review

The 1970 convention is now over, but its memories will last (at least until next year).
It began on Wednesday, August 19, when the conventioneers met at Hudsonville church for registration. Many old friends again met and many new ones were found. Then off to our newly adopted homes for a good night of sleep, which would be needed.
Late registration was at 8:00 the next morning at the church. Randy Meyer called the Business meeting to order at 9:30. Marilyn Jonker gave a piano solo for the special number. After noon lunch, everybody went to Hughes Park for the Sports Mixer. Everyone was smilin’ at 6:45 for the convention picture at Unity Gym. As a group, it must be said, we didn’t look too bad, it could’ve been worse. From the gym, everyone went over to the Hudsonville Reformed Church for the formal Mass meeting. Beth Westra presented a flute solo and the Doon Young People’s Society had a girls’ trio present their special number. Rev. B. Woudenberg gave the address on the theme “Strangers in a Strange Land” – Their Origin.
Friday morning came bright and early. Seven o’clock, everyone climbed on the busses for the ride to Silver Lake. Once at the lake the dunes offered a full day of fun. Even though we did get wet, and couldn’t find our stomachs at times, I’m sure all agree the dune rides were great! After our picnic lunches, the dunes offered a good place to sleep. But if you got a little hot all you had to do was run down into the cool water (but then you had to climb back up again). At 6:00, everybody was eagerly waiting for supper, and then homeward again.
Saturday began at 8:00 with a delicious pancake breakfast, and then small discussion groups followed. After noon lunch the East-West ballgames (battles?) began, even the girls gave it a try. The informal mass meeting was in the Hope School gym; Prof. Hanko gave the address on “Their Calling.” An instrumental trio gave the special number. Afterwards the bonfire was lit, lunch was served, and a mass sing-along was begun.
Sunday morning came a little too quick for most of the conventioneers. But everyone met at the Chapel of the Pines for the sunrise service and discussion groups. The afternoon was left free for visiting or catching up on some of the lost sleep. After the church service that night Ed Ophoff led a very inspiring singspiration, where several special numbers were given. Many young people welcomed the conventioneers to their homes for lunch, afterwards.
Few realized that Monday had already come. After a late swim in Lake Michigan, the final business meeting came to order. Voting for the new Board members was taken care of before everybody left to get ready for the banquet. At 6:30 the Finial was ready and the final meeting of the convention began. Mixed feelings were among all, some sad that it would all be over soon and others glad for all the fun they did have. Rev. D. Engelsma gave the final address on “Their Destiny, Jane Van Maanen gave the special number for Hull Young People’s Society and Bruce Lubbers gave a saxophone solo. Randy Meyer performed his final duty as President by announcing Gary Bouwkamp as the newly elected President. Gary took over his new duties and announced that the 1971 convention would be in South Holland, Illinois. In the traditional closing, everyone sang “God Be With You Till We Meet Again,” and everyone said a final good-bye with hope of seeing each other again next year.

Originally Published in:
Vol. 30 No. 6 October 1970