Convention Review

“Remember thy Creator in the Days of thy Youth” was the theme of the 38th Annual convention hosted by South Holland Young Peoples Society.

The convention began Monday, August 21, with registration. After the young people registered, volleyball games and basketball were played. Dinner was served in the homes where the young people stayed. At 8:00 South Holland church was packed with Young People and members of the congregation for the first mass meeting. Jim Lanting opened the meeting with a few tales of problems encountered while preparing the conven­tion such as finding a firm mattress for Rev. Veldman. On a more serious note Rev. Kortering of Redlands, California, addressed the group on the first aspect, “Remember thy Creator in the Home”. For the remainder of the night a pool was open for swimming.

Tuesday morning pancakes were frying at the grade school from 7:30 until 9:00. A business meeting followed break­fast. Randolph. Wisconsin resigned as members of the Federation due to lack of society age young people. Pella, Iowa was accepted as a new member of the Federation. Welcome Pella! Discussion groups were held until lunch time. Candidate Bruinsma introduced the topic “Respect Goes Both Ways” A continua­tion of “Remembering thy Creator – in the Home.” Busses were boarded and cars jammed full of young people as everybody went to Veterans Park where mothers had Bar-B-Q. prepared for us. The afternoon was spent roller-skating at Lynwood Roller Rink. This gave plenty of opportunity to meet new friends. Seeing that it was “Terrific Tuesday” (Twirp day), the girls had a good chance to check out the guys. Dinner was served in the homes again and everybody met back at church around 6:45. Seven busses were boarded and the Young People were off to CHICAGO! First the group spent, an hour 104 floors from ground level in the Sears Tower. The city was impressive all lit up, busses were boarded again to take a boat ride on the river Three boats left the Chicago River to cruise along the shores of Lake Michigan. After the boat ride busses returned to South Holland. It was around midnight after a full day of activity.

Wednesday breakfast was served in the homes, then everybody met at church around 9 to leave for Lake Geneva Youth Camp. Busses arrived at the camp around noon, what a sight with kids and luggage sprawled all over the grounds! Cabins were assigned and moved into. By 12:30 things were looking normal, again and lunch was served. The food was terrific! Right after lunch Carl Haak introduced us to our second discussion topic. “Remem­ber thy Creator in the Church”. The group was split up into small sections for discussion. From 3 til 5:30 there was free time to explore the camp, meet new friends, try canoeing or swimming. After dinner, Rev. Veldman addressed the Young People on the topic, “Remember thy Creator – in the Church”. The remainder of the night was spent playing ping-pong, having water fights, playing volleyball or just goofing around.

Thursday morning breakfast was served at 8:30. A Business Meeting followed. New Federation Board members were elected. Everybody met at the chapel for our final discussion group. Dave Zandstra introduced the topic: “Remem­bering Thy Creator – in Society.” After lunch the guys had a tug-of-war. The East-West ball game this year was played between East and West girls. East was the victor this year! The guys played a game afterwards with teams that were picked. Because of the heat the lake was pretty crowded. So was the dock – a few times too many. The Camp grounds looked deserted around 5:30, but in the cabins activity was flourishing! The banquet was held Thursday evening. After the meal we went to the chapel where Rev. den Hartog addressed us, in our final mass meeting, on: “Remembering Our Creator – in Society.” An excursion on Lake Geneva followed the speech. The excursion was a two-hour boat cruise around the lake.

Friday morning brought the end of the 38th annual convention and mixed feelings. Breakfast was served, then everybody repacked suitcases. Busses were loaded with tired but happy people.

Another convention had become his­tory but every person has memories of a week filled with covenant fellowship. There was in our hearts as we parted, knowing it would be a year before we meet together again. But we knew, as we sang, that God would be with us and by His counsels guide and uphold each one of us. In time we would once again meet together.