Convention Reflections

“What a beautiful part of the country to have a convention!” – – – “It sure was a lot of fun!” Those were just two of the comments I heard from conventioneers attending the 1983 Protestant Reformed Young People’s Convention. And they were right!! I, personally, had never seen a real mountain, but the ones I saw were much more pretty that I had imagined they would be! The convention also provided a perfect opportunity for several of us to take our first airplane ride. The week itself was so filled that I will just reflect on them in broad categories.

The host society did an excellent job keeping us busy, so that we were all pretty tired by the time “12:30, Lights out” came around. The activities that were planned by the host society were such that none was left out of the fun and excitement. This is important if everyone is to enjoy the convention and I think it was done well!!

But the convention was not all games and activities. Daily discussion groups and speeches are an important part of every convention. I thought that the topic this year — “The Youthful Sojourner Saved” — was very appropriate for us as Young People. The outlines for the discussion groups themselves were open enough to allow discussion of many aspects of the life of a young sojourner here on this earth. I felt that the discussion group leaders did a good job in explaining these outlines and in getting the conventioneers to react honestly and openly about them. This is a good chance to understand more of the opinions and feelings of the other young people. The speech topics were also well-chosen and presented to give spirit­ual enrichment to each and every listener.

If asked to compare this convention to last year’s convention. I would say that they were both equally enjoyable because I met many new people each year and they were both packed with memories. I hope I can attend the convention next year in Grand Rapids and I hope to see many of the people, who I met at this convention, next year! See you there!!!