Convention Poem

Oh, what a privilege

God gave the “Word of Life”

To his beloved children

As comfort in the strife

To guide and to direct

To study and to learn,

Through trials and through tears

On your path to discern.

May it be the light before you

That you run the race not in vain

Confess the Father’s name in heaven

And do so without shame.

Let your light so shine before men

During the convention week.

Encourage one another

Being loving, kind, and meek.

This word you posses

Is a gift that God gave you

Be ye thankful and hold fast to it

In everything you do.

Take everything you have learned

That “Word of life” apply

And take the hope it gives you,

Trusting Christ, who for you did die.

*Cheri is a member of Hope PR Church in Walker, MI.