Convention Impressions

The 1987 Y.P. Convention in Loveland left many great memories. Many of us had a good time staying over the weekend with families of the Loveland church. This gave us a chance to get to know the family, and make a few new friends.

I want to thank all the people in Loveland who put in many hours of free time to have a Convention there. I hope that they are rewarded by the thought that everyone had a good time and grew spiritually from it. For some of us it is the only time in the whole year that we get to be around that many P.R. teenagers. This makes it a special time, because we can discuss the truths.

I thought it went really smooth putting the numbers on our name tags and using that for discussion groups. Everyone could have a chance to say what they thought because there was a good amount of people in each group. The topic for the Convention “Lessons From the Life of David” was a good one. The ministers who gave the speeches really got their points across clearly and the discussions were beneficial.

Bringing up the Convention and then saying the word ‘food’ could get some kids talking for weeks. I appreciated home cooking when I got back, but I still would give that up to be back at the Y.M.C.A. with everyone for another week of fun and fellowship.

I love the mountains and like the idea that everywhere we went, we could see them. I’m happy we could go hiking up in them at least one afternoon. That is something that does not happen at many conventions and was a memorable event. It was nice that there was miniature golf, swimming, and sports to do in spare time (except I couldn’t do any of them because of my sore arm).

When it comes down to it. I had a great time and cannot wait for the next Convention, to see everyone again.