Convention Impressions

Another Convention has passed by, leaving many more great memories.  But this time it is with the setting of Hope College.  The Federation Board and Southwest Young People’s Society did a great job of hosting and made the 1988 PRYP Convention very enjoyable for everyone.

Thank you to everyone who gave up a lot of free time to make it possible to put on the Convention and also plan events to keep everyone busy.  There was always something to do for everyone.

The discussion groups on prayer, proper friendships, and baptism were very interesting and helpful.  These were topics that we could all apply to our lives and learn from others’ ideas.  We all learned how Jehovah’s Covenant is connected with everything in our lives.

I think there was a good variety of activities at the Convention.  There was swimming, basketball, volleyball, racquetball and tennis (and water fights).

Thank you also to all the chaperones who put in many sleepless nights because of a bunch of “restless” kids.

I am looking forward to the 1989 Convention, where, the Lord willing, we will all be able to meet again.