Convention Impressions

The 45th Annual P.R.Y.P. Con­vention, held at Grand Valley State College, Allendale, Michigan, is now history. The hosting society, Hudson­ville, did a fine job in preparation.

The waiting lines were often long but when the wait was finally over, fun and festivities awaited. The hayride on Monday was a great success and many formed friendships that night. Many spent free time at the Fieldhouse swimming, playing basketball or volley­ball. Time spent at the beach and roller skating was well worth it. After the Banquet on Thursday we went to Arne’s Funland. It was a little too cool to really enjoy it, though.

I think that the things most lacking were the food and the rooms. The food lacked homemade taste, freshness, and variety at one meal. Besides being small, the rooms were very plain. The worst thing was that there were only four showers per floor – about one shower to every 8 people.

One thing is sure if nothing else, almost everyone enjoyed the speeches and discussion groups. The topics were well chosen, and easy to discuss. The speakers were very good and that helped all who attended to grow spiritually.

The week could be summed up as a time when young people got together as one denomination to grow both spiritually and physically. On the whole the convention was great. The Lord willing we will meet again next year to renew friendships and grow in the Knowledge of our God.