Convention Impressions (2)

What better way to spend a hot, early August week than to spend it with fellow believers!  The 1988 Young People’s Convention, held August 8-11, was certainly the ticket to having good, Christian fun with old friends and new of the Protestant Reformed denomination.

Though it was very, very hot, I think everyone at this year’s convention, hosted by Southwest Protestant Reformed Church, had an enjoyable time.  The activities committee did a wonderful job.  They put a lot of time and effort into planning our week and the plans worked out without a hitch.  Many conventioneers said they liked the activities part of the convention because the activities were different than previous conventions.  The “Dating Game” and its commercials, the carnival, and the crazy organized activities in the gym certainly made this convention unique.  Though the weather wasn’t the greatest, the outings to Silver Lake and roller-skating or bowling, too, were fun and were very good “mixers.”  Thanks to this committee, there was always something to keep us busy and having fun was made easy.

The topic for this year’s Convention was “The Covenant.”  This, I believe, is a topic that can never be “worn out” and is always important and beautiful to hear about and discuss.  The discussion groups I was in seemed to discuss this edifying topic quite well, and even though the chapel was almost unbearably hot, the speeches too were easy to relate to and understand.

The convention week was finished off with a very nice (sit-down) banquet—a delightful opportunity to be formal with dates or with other friends “going stag.”

Overall I’d say the convention was fun and also spiritually edifying.  As a member of Southwest’s society, I know how much time and hard work went into the 1988 Convention and all our Young People’s Conventions.  I didn’t do very much for this convention, so on behalf of myself and the other conventioneers, I’d like to say thanks to Southwest’s societies for working to make this Young People’s Convention special for us.  Thanks also goes to our speakers, those who supplied special numbers, discussion leaders and chaperones, for the very important part you played at this convention.  Because of the fond memories we conventioneers carry from this Convention, I’m sure I can say we all look forward to Protestant Reformed Young People’s Convention 1989!