Convention Highlights

My first Protestant Reformed Convention took place from August 2-6 at Dordt College in Sioux Cen­ter, Iowa. It was sponsored by the churches of Doon, Hull and Edgerton.

I have to admit I was scared at first, but everyone seemed to make each other welcome, the ice breaker for me was the Singspiration at Hull Church on Sunday, August 1. There was a count of about 700 people.

Registration was held on Monday morning at Hull Church. The week of activities and speeches had final­ly begun.

Our first speech was given by Rev. A. Spriensma. He was so anxious to give his speech that he ran all the way down the aisle. His speech was “Spiritual Youth in a Carnal World: In Entertainment.” He said that we shouldn’t use the world’s entertainment, but our own that is right in God’s eyes.

On Tuesday morning, the convention picture was held. After that we had our first discussion group. We tried to answer the questions, “Why are we P. R. and not in some other denomination?”

The juniors and seniors then split for a cold day. The juniors went to Wild Water West, while the seniors went to Boji Bay.

Our second discussion group came on Wednesday morning. We talked about witnessing to others in dif­ferent denominations.

An “Old Fashioned Picnic” was held next. Games including chasing chickens, catching greased pigs, apple bobbing, tug of war gave us people from out of state an idea of what people in Iowa do for fun.

Rev. Koole, the middle-aged speaker, so a little slower, gave us a speech on “Spiritual Youth in a Car­nal World: At Work.”

Two debates were held on Thursday morning, one on protesting abortions and the other on dating out­side our denomination.

The banquet was held Thursday night. After eating we watched 4 billion people do the hokey-pokey and slides of the week.

The oldest of the three speakers, Rev. Van Over­loop, hobbled up the stairs with his cane to give the final speech. It was on “Spiritual Youth in a Carnal World: In Dating.”

A lock-in was set up for late Thursday night and Friday morning. People could play basketball or volley­ball or they could just sit around for as long as they wanted to.

For this being my first convention I was very impressed. The speeches I thought were on things I could relate to very easily. It was great to meet so many people from my own denomination and become good friends with them. Thanks for all the work every­one put into the convention.


*Beth is a member of Peace PRC and will be a sophomore at Illiana Christian High this fall.