Convention Highlights

The 1992 Convention was a great time of fun and fellowship. A special thanks to all who par­ticipated. It was a job very well done.

Many exciting events took place. There was a mystery scavenger hunt, roller skating, canoe trip, hayride and bonfire, a trip to the beach, bowling and last but not least, the banquet. All went well and was very much enjoyed.

The theme of the Convention was “What Is A Christian?” There were three interesting speech­es to answer the question. Rev. Slopsema spoke on “A Saint,” Rev. Flikkema spoke on “A Soldier” and Rev. Cammenga spoke on “An Athlete”. I think the speech that benefited me most was the one about a soldier. Rev. Flikkema talked on how we must not fear but go willingly knowing that it is our calling to fight for Christ.

All in all, I really enjoyed the convention – we all did.