A paper read at a combined “Young People’s Meeting.

As members of the Church of God, we have often derived an amount of comfort from the fact that the Bible was still the world’s best selling book. That day is gone, and in 1956 the Bible became the world’s SECOND best seller. The first place position went to a book that stands for virtually everything the Bible opposes. Listen closely, perhaps you will be as surprised as I was. The Bible was outsold and out-distributed by a Communist book called “The History of the Communist Party in Soviet Russia,” a book which fills the same role to faithful Communists all over the world as the Bible does for Christians all over the world.

As further evidence of the growth of the anti-christian power, note that today in Russia there are about 200,000 persons training to become “missionaries” for the Communist Party. Many of these come from countries outside the Soviet Union; for instance, 12,000 of these students are from South America, and when their training is finished, they will return there to spread their doctrines with the fervor of a religious zealot. There will be one great difference, however, because these missionaries will have all the material and financial backing they can use. They will be supported by the Communist Party which never lacks capital for such purposes.

We know that as the last days approach, the true church will be driven underground, literally and figuratively. Their churches and properties will be confiscated and desecrated; their members persecuted and ridiculed. These prophecies have been fulfilled time and again throughout history, and again have been fulfilled during our times in Communistic countries. By controlling the mail, the radio, television and all printed media, the Communist Party plans to stamp out every last evidence of the Church.

In religion, Communism sees its greatest enemy. A sound religion emphasizes the individuality of each person in relation to God and points to heaven as the greatest height a person shall experience. Communism teaches that all men exist for the good of each other, or as they say, “The Party,” and the greatest heights a man can obtain is to propagate the communistic doctrine until someday the Party shall rule the whole world.

It is easy to see that by training the young people in these doctrines, much as we train our ministers and missionaries, the Communist party gains not just the body and intellect of their converts but also their hearts, so that they soon become zealots for the communistic cause that fear nothing, will stop at nothing, and respect neither God nor His church.

Already some of these communistic missionaries have made an impact on our country. Think of Alger Hiss and others who managed to squirm their way into positions of responsibility. However, they have not started their big campaign against the church in this country because they are too clever to risk their whole cause on one particular principle that might prove unpopular if advocated before the time is ripe for it.

Be careful, for that time is not far away. Soon those 200,000 graduates of the Communistic propaganda colleges will spread themselves all over the world. Some are supposed to be in the U. S. already, having gained entrance to the country disguised as Hungarian refugees.

We know that God is not doing this to his church in anger, but these things are caused to happen that we may be better equipped to serve him, having been tried by fire, as it were.

Pray for grace to understand the Scriptures, for a sound knowledge of the scriptures is the best guard against sin in general and now, communism in particular. The communist recognizes the power of God’s word and is afraid of it; may we recognize its power and glory in it.