Comforts of the Ascension

No, we cannot see Him anymore.  It used to be that we could see Him in the body, when for a little more than thirty years He was in the flesh and blood of us, His children, and dwelt that way upon the face of this very earth whereon we dwell.

But that is no more.  And we may be thankful that it is not, you may rest assured of that!

Jesus, the Christ, is risen, not only, but also has ascended to His Father.  And we, who heard already n the garden the mighty Word of God to the serpent concerning the enmity which we experience as the sons of Adam who by a wonder of the grace of God are made to be the sons of God and heard also that Word casually stating that the bruising of the heel of the seed brings about the crushing of that serpent’s head, rejoice in that promise when we see that that Seed indeed has accomplished, can be assailed no more, dwells at the right hand of the Father as the advocate of all those that Father gave Him.  He is now exalted to the highest! Pre-eminent in the Kingdom of Jehovah our God, now, is Christ Jesus the Lord.  Our Lord. And our HEAD.

Young people: You who begin more and more to live and confess your faith in the God of the Scriptures, besides whom there is no God, and His Son: Consider the glory of the ascension of Jesus!

You sense the glory of it already, do you not, even as we have alluded to it but once? That Jesus NOW ALREADY dwells in the presence of Jehovah our God is very significant for us.  It is significant because of what He IS! And He is the Head of the whole Church; He and those whom Father has given Him are ONE.  Understand then the glory: You and I are, in essence, with God, and we are there in peaceful communion with Him.  We are in principle there in that city which hath foundations, the which we seek in this earthly sojourn through faith.

Surely, you may contemplate, if you will, the course of the events of the history of this earth as they unfold from day to day.  You can and should read from Scripture itself concerning the lot which shall be the portion of the saints in days to come, particularly those days just before the appearance of the sign of the coming of the Son of God for the second time.  Days, they will be, according to God’s Word, in which were it not so that the days will be shortened, the very elect would fall.  These are awesome considerations to you and to me.  But to you and to me they will not matter; they will not discourage! For as we consider the we remember: Our Head NOW, at that very moment and always, dwells already in the heavens at the right hand of our Sovereign God!

There is more, much more of course, to the ascension which could be discussed.  Christ promised us these things in His Word, too.  He told us that He will make intercession for us continually.  He told us that He goes to prepare a place for us.  Both glorious, comforting truths for the saints in this life.  He also told us that He will not leave us comfortless, but that when He goes to the Father, He will send the Comforter.  And that Spirit of Pentecost, that Spirit of the resurrected, glorified and ascended Lord is intimately bound up here in the consideration of His Ascension.  According to His own Words, then, we see that we could not have that Spirit were He not to ascend to the Father.  There is much more and very important material, too, which we may discuss in this connection.  Our thought centers on the thought, however, that the Church of God principally dwells with God in glory NOW.

May the realization and understanding of this work of God in and through His Son be impressed upon you during this season and continuously, so that the richness of that “one-work” be a well-spring of praise and glorying in your hearts and lives.

We cannot see Him.  But the unshakable knowledge of his abode, afforded by His Spirit which He sent, and the conviction that he is our Head is the hope that makes never ashamed!

No, we cannot see Him. But we SHALL see Him!!