Christ was born on Christmas Day
He came to live on earth
Because it was the Father’s Will,
He bore a lowly birth.

There was no room within the Inn
To make the Babe a bed.
This Little One, who now is King
Was born within a cattle shed.

Although He bore a lowly birth,
Did not the angels sing?
Did not they tell the shepherds
Of Jesus Christ, our King?

Did not the wisemen travel
From a land that was afar
With a guidance as they traveled
The brightness of a Star?

Did not this Babe soon suffer
To save both you and me?
Did not He die upon “the Tree”
To set His people free?

And yet when Christmas comes each year
Its meaning’s put to naught
For little think of Jesus and
Salvation that He brought….

But rather dream of presents
That lie beneath a tree….
Wonder which belongs to me.
What could the present be?”

Christ was born on Christmas Day
So many years ago
And this must be remembered
As each Christmas comes and goes.

For this Christ of long ago
Will come for you and I
And take us Home to Heaven to
Our Father’s Home on High.