Christian Rock


1. Very big – very many young people are involved.  Stryper alone gets 2000 to 3000 letters each week.

2. Big finance, world tours, elaborate sets, lighting, costumes.

3. Some hits are crossover hits in secular field.  Amy Grant sings with secular stars.

4. The music varies from contemporary to rock to heavy metal.


Arguments for:

1. It is a good alternative to wicked secular music which is often sin-glorifying and devil-worshipping.

2. It makes the gospel message easier to listen to for young people because it is music they like.

3. It gives the young people their own identity.

4. It helps excite the people for the gospel.

5. It is a legitimate form of music, one of God’s creatures.

6. Many thousands are “saved” through the music and follow-up ministry.

7. The words are spiritual and often even literally scripture.


Scriptural idea of spiritual music:

Texts for study: Ezra 3:11, Psalms 69:30; 33:2; 119:54; I Chron. 15:22, 27-29, 16; Eph. 5:19; Col. 3:16; There are hundreds more.


1.  Characteristics:

a. God glorifying.  It is directed to him.

b. The words are the primary part.

c. In harmony with the Word of God.  In Scripture the songs are inspired.

d. It reveals a person’s faith in depth.

e. It is thinking music.

f. It is in harmony with the nature of God.  He is order.

g. It is in the contemporary language.

h. The language and the instruments were contemporary.


2. Conclusion:

a. Spiritual music is thinking music.

b. Spiritual music should elevate the soul in worship of God.

c. Spiritual music should not draw attention to itself.  It must serve the Word of God and the faith of those singing.

d. Spiritual music must be in harmony with the Word.

e. Worship is the purpose of the music


Christian Rock: A Critique from Scripture

1. Content:

a. There is a great variation between the different forms of music.

1) Contemporary is often lively and yet at times has some depth.

2) Heavy metal has very little depth.  Often it is sung in short repeated phrases.

3) Generally speaking there is little depth of thought and faith.  It emphasizes entertainment.

b. Christian Rock is not typically true to the Bible.

1) In some cases it is.

2) Most often it is very loosely Biblical.

3) Very frequently it is Arminian.  It teaches universal love, an easy repentance, and a god dependent on the will of man.


2. Music:

a. To the extent that it detracts from the words and a worshipful atmosphere, to that extent it is improper.

b. To the extent that it creates a false emotion not in harmony with the true feelings of ones heart it is improper.

c. It is wrong when it seeks an audience by entertainment that mimics the dress and actions and music of the wicked secular rock scene.

    (We used many of the previous examples to emphasize these points.)


3. Social context:

a. We have a twisted view of missions and witnessing if we think we have to adopt the dress and antics of the world.

b. We must not be influenced by the popularity of this music.

c. Often the preaching, catechetical instruction, and personal study and growth are neglected for this music.

    (We looked up appropriate verses and articles in the confessions to emphasize the proper ideas here.)


One good handy reference is POP GOES THE GOSPEL, by John Blanchard.