Christian Liberty and Fun

In the Mountains of Colorado

            Sleeping bags, pillows, and suitcases were stowed, the engines started, and the caravan headed for Covenant Heights in Estes Park, Colorado – the 1994 Young Adults’ Spring Retreat had begun.  The young adults of Loveland, Colorado were joined by people from Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, Washington and Canada for a total of 33 to enjoy some fellowship and fun March 28-30.

The theme of this year’s retreat was Christian liberty. Rev. R. Cammenga spoke Monday night on “The Glorious Liberty of the Children of God – Positive Setting Forth of the Truth of Christian Liberty.” A few members of the Loveland church braved the snow to attend this lecture and share refreshments and games afterward. Tuesday evening brought dryer roads and more people to hear Rev. C. Terpstra of South Holland, Illinois deliver his spectorage, “Preserving Our Liberty in Christ – The Threats to Christian Liberty of Legalism and License.” Afterwards, there was a hot dog roast for everyone in the gym where they also played some volleyball.

Tuesday morning was devoted to discussion groups focusing on whether or not smoking and drinking were found in the area of Christian Liberty. Some viewed smoking as wrong while others kept in the adiaphora of Christian Liberty as long as done in moderation – how many cigarettes a day is moderate, anyway?

The retreaters spent some time in downtown Estes Park and went bowling. Our Canadian friends tried to adapt to the 10 pins – they’re used to aiming at 5, eh. The group took an afternoon to play in the snow. Some went horseback riding while others trekked around Bear Lake on snowshoes. Rev. Terpstra vividly remembered his snowshoe trip of last year’s retreat and returned a few favors this year. He made sure to stay even with new attackers this time.

In between the activities and good meals provided by Covenant Heights (it really is good food), time was spent playing rook, jenga, other games, and of course, nerts – do we even need to mention it?

The retreat was rated a success again, with the main complaint being that it’s too short.  Therefore, an extra day may be added next year. Hope to see you there! Thanks to everyone who made this a great retreat!