Christian Fellowship

I.  Christian Fellowship is a Covenant Activity (Communion of Saints)

A.  It is based on having fellowship with the Triune God.

1.  The Essence of the covenant is friendship and communion.

a. In the deepest sense, this is found between Persons of the Trinity.

b. Hence: covenant is God’s covenant, He is the covenant God.

2.  We were the enemies of God, but Christ has slain the enmity between us and God, Eph. 2:16.

3.  Thus, Christ has established peace and friendship between God and all the elect.  John 15:14-15

4.  Basic to Christian fellowship is that we personally walk with God (Gen. 5:22; Gen. 6:9; James 2:23) and with Christ (Matt. 16:24).

B.  Having fellowship with God, we have fellowship with one another.

1.  This fellowship reaches out to include everyone in the family of God (I John 5:1).

2.  This fellowship has an antithetical aspect to it, that is, it embraces some and consciously rejects others.

a. Spend some time with James 4:4; II Cor. 6:14-18; Ps. 26:4-5.

b. Why do some young people seem to prefer friends from the world to those from the church?

3.  Jesus says in Matt. 7:20, “Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.”

a. How does this idea relate to our subject?

b. Does association with fellow P.R. young people guarantee Christian fellowship?

C.  Christian Fellowship is never at the expense of the Truth, but is always in the Truth.

1.  It is a rich activity worked in the children of God by the Holy Spirit.  The entire chapter of I Cor. 12 pertains here: see especially verses 8-13 and 22-27.

2.  It is an activity which flourishes in the sphere of holiness (I John 1:7).

3.  What place does the Law of God have in Christian Fellowship?

4.  What activities promote true fellowship?

a. Are some activities more useful than others?

b. Do sports and games lend themselves to this?  To a very high degree?

II.  Christian Fellowship Presents Difficulties and Opportunities.

A.  The difficulties are due to the old man of sin in us (pride, fleshly lusts).

1.  The tendency to be a respecter of persons (James 2:1ff).

2.  The tendency to be selfish in friendship, seeking friendship with those who enhance our lives, our image; snubbing those who can’t add anything to us.

3.  The tendency to use the tongue in an evil way (Rom. 3:13ff; James3).

4.  The tendency to give in to feelings, peer pressure.

B.  The opportunities are due to the new man of Christ in us.

1.  To grow in faith.  How?

2.  To assist those, and encourage those, who are in need.  How can these be identified?

3.  To form life-long friendships and even to find one’s life mate.

4.  In all this, to glorify our covenant God Who has made us His friends.


(One last question:  If you are having a wonderful time at the convention, caught up in the activities, making new friends; but there is even one who is lonely and miserable, always on the outside looking in, wishing that he or she had not come…would you consider the convention a success?)