Christian Education

Protestant Reformed education has meant a lot to me, for many reasons. First of all, my classmates are Christians. God’s Word teaches us to seek those who love the Lord. One can usually judge us by our friends. In a Christian school, we have friends who trust the Lord. Friends who do not cheat or steal, but attend a Christian school because their parents want them instructed in the fear of God.

What has also helped in my Protes­tant Reformed education are the Christian teachers. Teachers who have prayed with us each day and have been an example to us of Christian life. But most of all, teachers who have taught us that God rules over all the world, over every living thing. Catastrophes, tornadoes, depres­sions, and death all take place by the will of God for the welfare of His church.

Subjects, too, have aided me in my Protestant Reformed education, for all our subjects are taught according to God’s Word. This is a Christian education. Take biology for example. Some of the books teach evolution, that through the years, a single cell has developed into a bigger form of life, such as Man. But we are taught that God created all things in six days, as found in Genesis 1. We also study the history of the Church, how the Christians were persecuted, how God spread the Gospel, and how God’s Church was established.

I am grateful to my parents and teachers for my Christian education.


* Dale is a ninth-grade student in the Protestant Reformed Christian School, South Holland, Illinois.