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Christian Education

There is quite a difference between a school with ten classrooms, kitchen, auditorium, library, art classroom, and faculty lounge and a school with two classrooms and utility room. These are the two schools that I attended. The latter is the Redlands Hope Christian School, which opened in 1975. From these two schools, we have received our elementary and junior high education—our first eight years from a view different from our own, and the past two years from our perspective. Our view has something to say about science, math, English, litera­ture, and history, not merely on the subject of Bible or religious teachings.

Next year I will be attending Ontario Christian High School, which is about 30 miles away. Here I will again be taught from the Christian Reformed viewpoint. To me this is the best and only available high school which is close to our viewpoint. I, as an individual, do not think that 30 miles is too far to go for a Christian high school education when the only alternative is a public school. Some may think that the public school is good enough for them, or is better than instruction from a different view than our own. If worse comes to worse and we as Christians cannot any longer send our children to a Christian school, then and only then will a public school suffice. It is my hope that the world will never cause us to do this, but it is doubtful that this will not come to pass. We can only hope that this will not come to pass in our lifetime or that of our parents.

A pure Christian education is the most precious gift that parents can give to their children. It is a gift that is without equal, because we as children (we all were) can be trained and molded to whatever shape and size that our parents wish us to be. As King Solomon told us in Proverbs 22:6, “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.” How true this is. The instructor, then, must teach from and must share the same viewpoint as the parents who hired him. We must re­member that the Christian parents estab­lish the Christian schools, and that the school is an extension of the home, where we begin our education.

We can only be what we are taught to be. All of our instruction begins in the home, then the elementary schools, high schools, and on up through college. After college, there is not much we can learn scholastically. I feel that as we go through school, we see God’s sovereignty at work. God will also show us through men more and more of His wondrous world that He has put around us. In this world, we can see God’s hand in all the avenues of life. Then and only then can we truly have and appreciate receiving a Christian education.


* Duane attends our Hope Protestant Reformed Church, Redlands, California, and is a student in our Hope Christian School there.