Choosing an Occupation


Being a member of a Protestant Reformed Church will make a significant impact on your decision as to what career you should or should not pursue. One must always keep before him God’s Word and His Will. Choosing a career does not simply involve what you want, and, therefore, you must not take this subject lightly. Now is the time to prayerfully consider what God’s plan is for you. During the convention this discussion will be divided into two main points. The first is “what is your career/calling,” and the second is “what is your responsibility.”


I.      What Is Your Career/Calling?

A.  How must one decide which career to choose and which ones not to?

B.  How does a Christian’s career differ from the world’s choices for careers?

C.  The need for a prayer life in making these decisions.

D.  The calling to the ministry

E.   Is the calling the same for a man and a woman?

1.   in which ways yes?

2.   in which ways no?

F. What do you want out of 1ife (your interests, your goals)?

G.  What talents has God given to you?

H.   Use your family and friends to help you.

1.   important to have godly friendships

2.   discuss with your parents


II.   What is your responsibility?

A. To be a steward in all areas (time, money, ability)

B.  Remember your church and what God requires of you

1.   location

2.   working Sundays

3.   union

4.   environment

C. Are all the doors open, or does God close some of those doors?

D. Be responsible in your tasks now (in school, at home, on the job)

E. To support yourself or for the man to be able to support his family

F. Work hard (six days shalt thou labor)

G. Be a “good” employee or employer (honest, diligent, on time, etc.)

H. Make sacrifices ❖


Jack is a member of South Holland Protestant Reformed Church in South Holland, Illinois.