Careful of What We Sing

There are many hymns sung nowadays which are entirely unscriptural and might well be criticized.  We have especially in mind a hymn, written by Robert Herkness and entitled: “Will You Take Jesus Today?”

This hymn is very Arminian.

Take for instance the first verse.  It reads: “Will you take Jesus to be your guide.  His love will brighten the way.  Safe in His keeping you may abide.  Will you take Jesus today?”  Here they are begging you to accept Jesus and if you do, all will be well and all will be sunshine.  But Scripture tells us that salvation is of God alone and not God plus man, as if God does the offering and we do the accepting.

Or take the second verse: “For you the Lord was crucified.  Accept His love while you may.  The door of mercy stands open wide.  Will you take Jesus today?”  They do not deny that Christ was crucified, but they say that He was crucified for ALL men.  Salvation is pictured to us as being a door.  All you need to do is walk in and you are saved.  Scripture teaches us that Christ did not die for all, but rather that He died for a definite number, called the elect.  More over Scripture teaches that we are not saved of ourselves, but through faith and this faith is a gift of the Lord.

The third verse reads like this: “He longs to enter your heart’s closed door, how can you turn Him away?  Throw wide the portal and let Him in.  Will you take Jesus today?”  Now they have Jesus pleading with man to come.  They thus deny the sovereignty of God and they put man upon the foreground.

In verse four is answering: “I will take Jesus today.  His word I will gladly obey.  My sins are forgiven, His praise I’ll sing, I will take Jesus today.”  And the chorus continues by telling you that He offers pardon and peace to all, if you will take Jesus today.

Arminians will have you believe that salvation is a come-and-take-it proposition.  The offer is there, come and take it while you may.  You are begged to accept it.  If you do not, you have over-powered God, since God cannot do anything more about it.

Such a view is definitely not right.  For does not Scripture say that salvation is not something which is left to depend upon us, neither can we be saved by our own merits or our own accepting.  God from all eternity has ordained a definite number who shall be saved and God calls them through the Gospel, giving them faith and they do actually believe……giving God the glory.  Arminians deny the doctrine of sovereign election with reprobation and instead of it they teach Free Will on the come-while-you-may basis.

These Arminian hymns are sung the world over.  They sometimes seem to speak the truth.  But let us not be deceived.  Instead, let us sing songs which praise God as being the sovereign God, the Potter and we the clay.