Calvin College

Many of you are asking yourselves, “What do I do after high school gradu­ation? Where will I work, or where should I go to school to prepare myself for a future career?” I challenge those of you who are making such decisions to consider a Christian college such as Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, when you are weighing your options.

“Let’s begin with a prayer to help put this test, and our lives, in perspective,” recommended Pro­fessor Post as she bowed her head. Just two class­rooms over, Professor Talsma leaned against the desk, “…so how does religion fit in with mathemat­ics? The order God has placed in creation is mar­velous, and He gave us these tools of order so we can better understand this world…” These scenes are typical in a Calvin classroom and represent the focus of Calvin as a Christian college.

“How could I ever afford to go to Calvin? Would it be worth the extra thousands of dollars I would spend in comparison to other tuitions?” Some of you graduates will ask these questions and come out with positive answers. Others will not. Calvin is among the cheapest of Christian colleges in the United States, yet it is far more expensive to at­tend than a state or community college. The deci­sion to spend money on an education from Calvin should be made for similar reasons to those your parents used when they chose to send you to a Christian high school and elementary school. Col­lege is a continuation of your Christian education, and it can be for your spiritual benefit to receive continued religious influence. Therefore, each graduate must analyze his or her own needs, and at the same time consider an investment in a Chris­tian college.

What are the rewards for spending so much money on Calvin tuition? I look back at my four years and see many. There are Christian friends to learn from, daily chapel services, invigorating spiri­tual discussions, nightly dorm devotions, and song services. I encountered a lot of hard work, profes­sors that encouraged me in my spiritual walk, and professors that I vehemently disagreed with. These things are a small sample of what Calvin has to offer, yet each of these experiences took place in a nurturing Christian atmosphere that helped boost me into adulthood. I learned to re-examine many aspects of my life and develop firm reasons for why I live a Christian life and why I believe the things I hold to be true.

Since my experiences at Calvin have led to spiri­tual and personal growth, I recommend Calvin as an option for you. I also hope and pray that each of you discover the Lord’s will for your life after high school, whether that be in working right away, or in choosing a college to attend.


Jodi is a member of Grandville Protestant Reformed Church. She is a recent Calvin graduate and a teacher at Adam’s Street Protestant Reformed Christian School.