Called To Be A Light Even When It Hurts

One of the hardest barriers to overcome when knowing that we are the elect of God, is the knowledge that our family members may not be. When we truly have heart conviction from God, we acknowledge that apart from Him it is impossible to know peace, joy and hope.

It’s one thing to tell of God’s saving grace to those family members who have never shown any interest in the things of God. They either reject the message outright, as well as you, or the message they hear may be the seed planted that draws them to the Savior. It becomes much more difficult however, when we understand and embrace the sovereign grace of God while some of our family members are steeped in a man-made, works oriented gospel for salvation. They may be our own parents or grandparents. They have been church members for many years. But the gospel message they have heard and come to believe is altogether dependent upon what man can do for God. We see their passion for God and their zeal for good works. How do we know whether or not they are God’s own? So what if they believe a gospel message that is strange to you and unbiblical. Is it wrong to leave them where they are? After all you’ve tried to tell them whom God truly loves. They became very angry with you, and accused and reviled you. They told you that you don’t know God at all until you can realize that God is not a respecter of persons. They say that the God they serve loves all of humanity and that Christ died on the cross for the sins of the whole world.

Now you’ve done it! You’ve driven a wedge between your family, and family members are choosing up sides. But wait, was it you who drove that wedge or was it the truth? God assures us that the Word is power unto life and unto death. He promises that the truth will divide. Where does this leave us? What is our responsibility as a child of the King? We love our family, and we hate confrontation. Can’t we just leave them alone and tell ourselves that if they are God’s elect, then God will draw them to Himself? Is this showing love for our family? Do we really want to leave especially them in darkness and death, when we have been brought into the glorious Light and Life?

Our confidence and assurance must rest with the Lord. We are called to be ambassadors for the truth. When we hide from the truth that God has revealed to us because it makes us unpopular and unwelcome, we dishonor God and ourselves. How are we showing love to our family if we allow them to continue in darkness, which will bring them death? Yes, we love our families and we don’t want them to hate us, but our focus must be on their eternal good. We may never know what seeds of truth we plant today that may appear unfruitful but may be used by God to save our lost loved ones.