Bridging the Gap

The generation gap is lack of understanding between the older and younger generations of today. Parents can’t understand their teenagers “young” ideas and teenagers can’t understand their parents “old fashioned” ideas.
There is very distinct difference between teenagers brought up in a worldly home and those brought up in a Christian atmosphere. But, is there a real difference between the generation gap that is present in both these homes?
Teenagers that are brought up in a worldly atmosphere are not brought up according to the Bible as we Christians are. We know that it is wrong to rebel against the “establishment” or older generation. Rebellions such as those present in this world are wrong.
Many times a teenager finds himself rebelling against his parents, or others in authority. When this happens he must remember that he, as a child of God, must try to understand his parents.
Parents, on the other hand, must remember that they too are set up by God to instruct their children. This means that they also must try to understand their children and respect their ideas.
Both parents and children must try harder to understand each other and respect one another as true Christians should. This will help in “Bridging the Gap.”

Originally Published in:
Vol. 30 No. 2 April 1970