Bridging The Gap

Ed. Note: This is the first contribution received for the public opinion column “Bridging the Gap.” Readers are encouraged to send the editor their opinions and ideas concerning the generation gap.

January 6, 1970
Dear Beacon Lights Staff:
I wish to write a few comments about the “generation gap.” But before I proceed, let me mention that you already imply that a gap exists by your title “Bridging the Gap.” Perhaps this too occurs because of the frequent comments of a “generation gap.”
I believe, first of all, that the Sovereign God Who controls all things by His counsel should certainly rule out any gaps in our generations. The very thought of a “generation gap” implies that there is no power which sovereignly controls all things, but ideas and methods have changed so significantly that the rapidity of this change devotes a gap. Therefore, I would maintain that a gap does exist. When we see so much less respect for laws (parental and civil), the reduced standards on morality, and great reduction in church membership, we see that there is a gap in the development of sin. I don’t believe that great emphasis must be placed on changed customs although the advocates of this increased development of sin seem to be somewhat similar in appearance by attempting to appear of an advanced generation. But, for the youth of the church, we must view the gap in a positive way—more completely respect the laws that God has established, use the Word of God as our moral standard rather than as societies wishes, and see the reduction in church membership and subsequent exalting of the work of man’s hands as signs of the coming of the antichrist. To a small degree blame for today’s problems can be placed to a lack of communication between parent and child but to a great degree on a lack of communication between God (the source of all good) and the creature.
Thank you for the opportunity to express my opinion.

Originally Published in:
Vol. 29 No. 10 February 1970