Blind to a Loss

Through this beautiful cool-cracking dawn slowly walks one man. His brown collar on his coat stands up straight hiding the soft morning breeze. It appears that he is enjoying the quiet hours of morning and yet somehow reassuring himself that truly there are hours of such enjoyable peace. He strolls on convincing himself that all of each day is not spent in forever going noise, business which causes con­stant hurry and scurry. During this peace­ful hour he watches the sky, observing how the stars fade out while rays of light begin to streak the blue morning sky. As the soft breeze touches through the trees his eyes are drawn to the faithful reappear­ing buds of the maple trees which speak of the promise of life after the destruction of winter’s death. After the first soft glow of morning comes forth the great and final strength of this day — the ever breath-tak­ing sunrise which spreads its wings far and wide as though it is coming to conquer the world.

Through this display of beauty the re­maining world sleeps on.

As he continues his walk his mind won­ders and he begins to reflect on the mean­ing freedom has for people today. He contemplates this desire for freedom, which has destroyed so many lives, yet plays a vital part of living each day. Many adults use it in living with the law. Their con­ception of freedom breaks the law apart so that each law can be used or even ex­cluded as each individual wishes. Many of those who do know they are not living according to law can always somehow man­age to justify their action through some other means. Therefore, society will allow almost anything to be done and comfort­ably be accepted. Those in authority over us are expected to meet their obligation toward society and if they do not they too are either ignored, or tolerated.

Small children and young people watch out for what fascinates their eye — freedom. They live in demand and determination which has no boundaries. The authority of parents has become but an “idea” and rude rebellion has replaced respect. Often today tense parents fill themselves with over­whelming exasperation in seeing and feeling a lack of unity within the home. Every­one goes on his own way and about his own business excluding himself from the bother of others. One no longer lives ac­cording to the obligation of the law, but rather, many test the law to see what it will allow them to do.

Yet, his mind travels on to a freedom which is the overpowering ruler of all. God, who is the authority of all, now is so sadly being molded to fit man. God, who is the unchangeable, is now becoming mutable. Many of His laws are being re­vised, forgotten, or being interpreted dif­ferently. Many are even going so far as to exclude Him altogether in order to make life “easier” to live.

As one properly evaluates this problem he can easily see another side effect of this misuse of and craving for freedom. Human sensitivity is slowly dying and of course once you lose that, you have a great loss. There is a definite push for in­dividual advancement and a lack of neigh­borly help, concern, and love. And when society becomes hardened to human need then it loses a true sense of fear, truth, respect, guilt and sin.

This love and craving for freedom has caused a terrible loss. Each of us today must become a living witness to a free­dom which does not take this route.

Leasing the scene for a minute he looks about and finds the whole world aglow with beautiful beaming sunshine and he turns around and walks steadily back to his home.