The poor in spirit, they are blessed,

God’s kingdom they’ll inherit;

And those that mourn will comfort find

Imputed by Christ’s merit;

The meek are blessed and shall possess

God’s kingdom through Christ’s righteousness.


God fills with good the souls who thirst

And hunger after right;

Those who show mercy shall obtain

Compassion in His sight;

The pure in heart who love Him well

Shall in God’s presence surely dwell.


The peacemakers, they shall be called

The children of the Lord;

And they who persecution bear

And walk in sweet accord

Shall in God’s presence ever stand

And praise Him in the Heavenly Land


So when the wicked persecute,

With cruelty revile,

And vilify and injure us

With viciousness and guile,

Then we’re commanded to rejoice

And praise our God with thankful voice.


Afflictions, though they seem so great,

Are light when viewed through eyes

Comparing them with heavenly bliss

Of God’s own Paradise.

Unending ecstasy and love

Will be our portion up above.