Better Living Through Christ

“Better Living Through Christ” by John H. Schaal. Published by Baker Book House, 128 pages.

Better Living Through Christ is a study in the book of Hebrews. Using the sixteen chapters as an instructive guide the inex­perienced Bible scholar will find them use­ful. At the end of each chapter appears a series of questions directed for personal study or class discussion.

The author has written another Bible study book and Better Living Through Christ is the second in this series. Rev. Schaal has a very impressive list of accom­plishments which more than qualify him for these authorships. Among them are: two pastorates, served in Michigan, association with the Reformed Bible Institute, where he is the Dean and also teaches, and others.

I found nothing offensive in this book and used it as a study guide for a sermon series in our church on “The Heroes of Faith.” I therefore would recommend this book along with other commentaries for those who wish to study the book of Hebrews.