Beacon Lights Contest Committee

The Beacon Lights literary contest committee is now able to bring you more news about the current contest. In the first place, we have contacted three people who are willing to judge the material submitted. They are Rev. H.D. Hoeksema, professor in the Prot. Ref. Theological School, Miss Hulda Kuiper, a member of the teaching staff of the South Holland-Oak Lawn Prot. Ref. School, and Dr. John Timmerman, professor in the English department of Calvin College.

Secondly, upon the advice of one of the judges, we are making a slight change in the categories in which you may enter. If you recall, according to the rules in the June-July issue of Beacon Lights, there were two divisions, prose and poetry. We have decided to divide prose into two parts, fiction and non-fiction. This means that there are now three categories which you may enter: poetry, prose fiction, and prose non-fiction. First, second, and third places will be awarded in each division; each first place winner will receive a prize of ten dollars.

Thirdly, in order to give you more time for preparation and to enable you to turn in more entries, we have extended the deadline by one month. All entries must be in by November 5, 1961.

Finally, we want to urge all of you, young and old, to enter. Don’t let false pride or false modesty keep you from submitting your writing. This contest can be a success only if many entries are turned in and only if many people enter. Parents, urge your children to write; children, urge your parents to do the same. There is room for almost any kind of writing, from the serious and expository to the light and humorous. Get your pen out, today!