Ashes of Yesterday

Ashes of Yesterday by Dan E. L. Patch published by Zondervan Publishing House.

This Book is called an historical novel. The story begins with the birth of Grand­mother Thrillby on January 26, 1837 and takes the reader through her childhood, courtship, marriage, motherhood, and grandmotherhood with more or less scarcity of detail until it leaves him with Grandmother at the age of nearly one hundred years, the final chapter in her life nearly finished.

As the author tells the story of Grand­mother Thrillby he also acquaints the reader with the history of Michigan from the time it became a state on Jan­uary 26, 1837, through its subsequent development and progress until the 1930’s. Some of the Civil War which occurred during Grandmother’s courtship is touched upon, and the step of progress of the Industrial Revolution are men­tioned with almost as much detail as are the highlights of Grandmother’s life.

The fact that the author tries to cover so much history and so many events in a book of 224 pages of average-sized print gives one an idea of what this book is like. It is interesting and ro­mantic, although sketchy, from an his­torical viewpoint, but as a novel it lacks plot and intrigue. Its Christian back­ground lacks the positive strength of our Reformed ideals.