Apostle to the Illiterates

“Apostle to the Illiterates” by David Mason. Published by Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids, Michigan

The Apostle is Dr. F. Laubach, missionary, explorer, and teacher.  He is definitely an apostle to the illiterates for his Laubach Literacy, Inc. is credited with teaching 60,000,000 to 100,000,000 illiterates to read.  By 1965 Dr. Laubach had worked in 103 countries and with 304 languages.

Although Dr. Laubach has done enough work in the field of literacy for three men, his theology makes a Reformed person bristle.  He calls himself a Christian mystic, and subsequently believes in brotherhood of all mystics of all religions.  It is for this reason, young people, I do not recommend this book.