Angels in the Scriptures

Angels through the scriptures tell the heavenly plan,

Bring the messages of God down to earthy man.

Angel with a message of judgment or of woe;

Angel with a message of victory o’er the foe.


Angels were sent to bar Edens door;

A grim reminder that perfection was no more.

When Hagar fled to the desert, an angel came to her there.

He brought the Word of God: “Return. The Lord has heard your prayer.”

Abraham on Mt. Moriah would make Isaac the sacrifice,

But the Angel of the Lord said, “Harm him not, the ram will now suffice.”

Abram entertained the strangers and fed them from his store

Unaware the holy angels sent from God were standing at his door.

As the angels told their message: they would have a son.

Sarai laughed within the tent and thought it could not be done.

An angel from God told Abraham to send Hagar away.

And the Angel of the Lord rescued Lot in Sodom’s day.

God comforted Jacob on his lonely flight

With a vision of heavenly angels as he slept that night.

God sent His angel to go before the Israelites,

And he would purge the land of all the Canaanites.

Balaam’s ass fell down in fear when she saw an angel in the way,

So God told wicked Balaam exactly what he must and must not say.

The Angel of the Lord appeared to Gideon

To encourage him to fight the hosts of Midian.

Manoah knew when he had seen an angel of the Lord.

And David cried for mercy from the angel with the sword.

Daniel confessed that God had sent an angel to the den

So lions did not harm him but devoured the sinful men.

The Psalms give us assurance that the Angel of the Lord encamps around His own

And He shall give His angels charge lest thou dash thy foot against a stone.

Zacharias saw an angel in the temple on Atonement Day.

Gabriel said their son, John, would prepare the Saviour’s way.

The angel Gabriel was also sent to Nazareth to Mary.

With the wondrous message that she the Christ child should carry!

And who can forget the multitude of angels sent on Christmas night?

Singing “Glory to God in the highest” as the skies were filled with light.

After Christ endured Satan’s three severe temptations,

Angels were sent from heaven for our Saviour’s consolation.

And who, said Jesus, ever behold the Father’s face?

Angels of our little ones chosen by God’s grace.

On resurrection morning an angel rolled the stone from the door.

In dazzling white he proclaimed that death held our Lord no more.

The Lord sent an angel to Cornelius so he was assured

His many prayers were answered: they would hear God’s Word.

John saw the angels in the book of Revelation;

Angels busy carrying out the plan of God’s salvation.

At the end of time God shall send His angels with trumpet’s mighty sound

The dead in Christ shall rise as the nations gather round.


Lord, we thank Thee for the angels, creatures in Thy hand.

May we as the angels await Thy wise command.