And Now a Word from Our Sponsor

Welcome to Camp Shawanoossee, located on the shores of beautiful Duck Lake, near Muskegon Michigan.

That was almost the way this article was going to begin. And, since it has already begun that way, we’d better leave that sentence there, but add another, at the risk of disappointing our readers.

Welcome to Grand Rapids, Fine Furniture Capital of the World, location of several Protestant Reformed Churches, home of countless Hollanders, and scene of the 1960 Protestant Reformed Young People’s Convention.

We, the host society, First Senior, are very happy to have you coming here. We have been busy, are still busy, and undoubtedly will be busy for some time with our plans to make this convention one of the most worthwhile, and enjoyable that you’ve attended. We’d like to give you a little preview of what you may expect.

By way of background, we’d better explain the camp situation. Those of you who have not yet been reached by the rumors flying from Grand Rapids are probably wondering about the opening sentence of this article. Last fall we had decided to hold this convention at a camp. After looking over several possibilities, we chose Camp Shawanoossee and reserved it for convention use. But investigation concerning conventions of other groups held at a camp and a careful consideration of the problems we would face at a camp let us to abandon this idea. We know this may disappoint some of you now, but we’re confident that the 1960 Convention, held in Grand Rapids, will not disappoint you.

Our plans, for the most part, are still very general, but beginning to crystalize. Tuesday, August 16, will be our opening day. Out-of-towners will be greeted by a smiling welcoming committee and be assigned to their lodging places. Tuesday night will be the mass meeting, location still uncertain. Thursday will probably be according to tradition, beginning with a pancake breakfast, ending with the banquet.

Wednesday promises to be different. Since many conventioneers are too tired to listen to a speech after a vigorous outing, and since two speeches would tend to crowd Thursday’s activities, our second speech will be on Wednesday morning. The out for Wednesday afternoon is shrouded in mystery yet, classified Top Secret, so we can’t tell you about that.

Our theme is “Faithful Today,” Our speakers will develop its tree sub-divisions: “Faithful in the Truth Today,” “Faithful in Life Today,” and “Faithful Unto Death.” We’ll all be singing “The Church’s One Foundation” as our theme song.

We hope you’re making your vacation plans for fellowship and fun with us in the Water Wonderland. We remind you to inform your society secretary of your plans and we remind the secretaries to send us this information to facilitate our convention arrangements.

If any of you Westerners happen to get lost on the way, stop in Chicago, Holland, Hudsonville, or any other suburb of Grand Rapids, and some friendly ‘native will gladly give you directions.

See you all in August, D.V.