An Everyday Present

“O how love I thy law! it is my meditation all the day.” (Psalm 119:97)

Waking up with a start, the sun peering through the window blinds, Titus jumped out of bed and ran for the stairs. “Mom! It’s my birthday today!”

“I know it is Titus. I had to remember,” Mom said with a smile. “What do you want to do today?”

“Open presents!” Titus exclaimed, looking at his mom in shock that she even had to ask.

“You know Titus, birthdays aren’t all about presents.”

Shyly Titus replied, “I know Mom, but it sure makes them fun.”

“Opening presents is fun, Titus. It is like opening God’s word. Each time we open the scriptures we receive a new present from God.”

Titus, slightly confused, asked, “But Mom, what’s the present? The Bible is too small to hold anything.”

“Oh child, the present is the verses we read like we do before bed each night. God wrote those words to show you how much he loves you and what he did to save you, although you didn’t earn or deserve it at all. Just like grandpa and grandma are giving you a present today because they love you even though you didn’t earn a present from them or deserve a present from them.”

“But remember God’s word is one present that will never get old or fade with time. It might fade in the hearts of some but not in the hearts of God’s most special children.”

“Like me, Mom?” Titus asked.

“Yes, like you, Titus,” Mom said with a smile as she ruffled his hair.


Remember this, dear child in the Lord. God has given us his Word. Men have committed their life to translating it into our own language so we can understand it. Never take it for granted. We must never leave this present unopened, collecting dust. Go and pick up your Bible. You will find a verse, a new present, from our heavenly Father. What a special gift God gives us. You don’t even need to have a birthday to receive this gift, because every day you are born again in Christ and made able by his Holy Spirit to understand the Bible as you read it. We are unworthy children of God and are unable to save ourselves, but God reveals his love to us through his word, the Bible. So young child of the Lord, thank the Lord for this word and this glorious present he has given you that you can open each and every day of your life.