An Ever-growing Acronym

It used to be just four letters: LGBT. Now there are seven.
And a symbol.
The latest rendering of the ever-growing acronym of the sexual revolution is LGBTQIA+. You are probably familiar with the first part of the acronym, but maybe not the last part. In full, it stands for: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and asexual. The plus symbol was tacked on the end to make sure that no one feels left out. So, you want to identify as a cat? No problem, you can be a cat.
For the remainder of this editorial, I will use the initialism LGBT because I refuse to write LGBTQIA+ over and over again. Interestingly, the addition of the plus symbol clues us into the fact that the promoters of the agenda will not need to add any more letters to the acronym. It seems they have followed their agenda to its logical end, you can identify as whoever or whatever you want. After all, we are just animals following the instincts we were born with. So, whether or not we see more letters added in the future, be assured that they are being added under the guise of the all-inclusive plus symbol.
As I write, I am just finishing up my time at Grand Valley State University, a local liberal university. Looking back on my time there and on the time that has elapsed since I graduated high school (2007), the LGBT agenda has advanced rapidly. I am astounded by how quickly things have changed. In the relatively short amount of time that I have been paying attention to such things (not long enough), the LGBT movement has gone from “barely talked about” to “if you don’t support us, we will bring you down!”
The movement is fueled by rebellion against the word of God and God is truly giving them up to their own sins (Rom. 1:24–27). As horrifying as this is that our society has progressed that far in sin, some of the arguments that come from the LGBT agenda are almost laughable, for lack of a better word. In my recent education capstone class, a group of students was giving a presentation titled, “Fighting gender stereotypes in the classroom.” (I’ll never get that hour of time back). The root of the issue, stated one of the students, was that parents aren’t doing enough to allow little Jonny to express himself. Her proof? Gender reveal parties, the great ill currently plaguing society. Parents who reveal the gender of their unborn child are at fault. That poor baby wasn’t allowed to choose its own gender! To this proposition, the rest of the students in the room (excluding myself) enthusiastically nodded in agreement. I used the word “laughable” to describe my experience above because I was so taken aback that truly I did not know how to react.
Ironically, the same student body that nobly came to the defense of the unborn child’s right to choose a gender would for the most part have no problem taking away the right of that child to choose whether or not it is aborted by the parents.
Gender reveal parties aside, observing recent news headlines about cake decorators, Hobby Lobby, and a new conservative Supreme Court justice, you might be holding out hope that the LGBT agenda might be held back.
I used to think that.
Then I went through my liberal university education and experienced firsthand what the upcoming generation thinks. Just about everyone, from Christian to atheist, fully supports the LGBT agenda. Not only that, but any discussion of the fact that the agenda still meets any pushback is met with snarls of contempt.
Much of my time at this school was spent with the university’s college of education. This college is pumping out a new generation of teachers who are encouraged to enter the education system as “social justice warriors” and “activist teachers” who promote the LGBT agenda. These are not names that I have created based on my understanding of the LGBT agenda. These are words I heard spoken by my professors.
Maybe your response to all of this is, “whatever, it doesn’t impact my life anyway.”
Are you in high school and contemplating entering college? Then you should be paying attention.
“Well, I’ll just go to a Christian college.” Sorry, the LGBT agenda is taking root there as well. Consider Calvin College. The issue of evolution versus creation was transformed from a heated debate into something that is not even a relevant question anymore. The same thing is happening with the LGBT agenda. Common grace has worked like a cancer in that college and in the Christian Reformed Church (CRC) in general. If it isn’t already, it won’t be long until Calvin is a welcome place for the LGBT agenda. Within the CRC the sentiment exists that most of the young people are fully on board with the agenda anyway. In addition, there exists a group called All One Body (A1B). It is the stated goal of this group to transform the CRC into a denomination that fully supports the LGBT agenda. At a recent event sponsored by A1B, one of the speakers addressed the audience with the following advice.
Do not use Scripture to convince your fellow CRC members of the beauty of full inclusion. Instead, rely on personal stories. “Everyone has a story,” she said. “We can argue back and forth all day about Scripture, but we’re never going to win that way. Nobody can argue with your story.”
Clearly scripture has been abandoned in any argument. The agenda is fueled by raw emotion. And how dare anyone interfere with how someone else feels. Faithful are the wounds of a friend (Prov. 27:6)? “No way!” says the unbeliever. “True friends wouldn’t impose on my feelings.” Ironically, the same person who agrees with this line of thinking would have no problem imposing on their friends with the LGBT agenda.
The agenda has no doubt taken over society. How long will our Christian schools be able to operate free from government influence regarding the LGBT agenda? The fact that this agenda has advanced so rapidly makes it hard to predict what will happen next.
To you, young person, growing and maturing in a world given over to the vile affections pushed by the LGBT agenda (Rom. 1:26), “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour” (1 Pet. 5:8). Are you fearful of growing and maturing in this world? Cast all your cares upon him, for he careth for you (v. 7). You are not alone. Resist the devil, “knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in your brethren that are in the world” (v. 9).