A Word to Our Sick

The psalmist sings: “Truly my soul waiteth upon God.” Ps. 62:1 Our Psalter renders the original quite properly: “My soul in silence waits for God.” A soul in silence, or a silent soul!  What a blessed gift of grace!  A silent soul is the opposite of a turbulent, restless, impatient, rebellious soul.  It is a soul that is resting in God.  If our soul is silent toward God we do not judge His ways with us, do not murmur, speak not against Him, are of a tranquil mind, free from fear and anxiety, have peace with God and with His ways.  How blessed to be able to say this in times of trouble and suffering!  To enjoy this blessing we must wait upon Him, trust in Him, follow where He leads, confident that our salvation shall surely come from Him, and humbly commit the way to Him.  They that wait for the Lord shall never be ashamed!